Our Journey

What inspired us to start this business was the long and painful journey of my hero. My wife had suffered with health problems for most of her life, but these health problems took a toll on her body later on in our marriage. Only Diagnosed in 2017 after ten years of countless examinations from GP’s and Specialties, it was a up road battle and became daily ritual for my wife to be bedridden with aches and pain, loss of hair, poor indigestion, poor eyesight, thinning of nails, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog and short terms memory loss.

As the years passed with no understanding of the symptoms, there also seemed to be a rapid declension in her health as each day passed. The worst of the worst was the inflammation in my wife’s joints which caused nerve pain in various parts of her body. From doctor to doctor, scan after scan, with nowhere to turn and no hope in sight, my wife was send from pillar to post and eventually to a Rheumatologist.

During the testing phase, once again that they could not find any problem. My wife was eventually diagnosed with a disorder called Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body and is triggered by a stressful event in one’s life. However, statistics show that fibromyalgia is a genetic disorder but with an unknown cause. My wife’s Rheumatologist confirmed that there was no cure. The only treatment was antidepressants and anti-inflammatories which came with a host of side effects. With no cure in sight, and the symptoms still prevalent but hidden with painkillers, my wife’s condition worsened. After much research, we then sought the help of alternative medication and doctors in the industry who would look at the whole body as a functioning system. In doing so, further blood tests and detailed blood analysis were conducted pointing to several factor which was ultimately rooted in the immune system and several supplement deficiencies. This included iron deficiency which led to low hemoglobin levels, and anemia Vitamin D which caused Fatigue and Tiredness as well as hair loss, hypothyroidism.

With that the doctor told my wife that her body was filled with toxins, and that she had a leaky gut. This had caused viral and bacterial infections in her body. After the blood analysis, we found out that my wife had Mitochondrial dysfunction which can lead to Alzheimer’s and muscular dystrophy. With this new revelation, we commenced to look at ways of detoxing the body and repairing the blood cells using therapies and supplements. The goal was to cleanse her body by detoxing and repairing her gut and improving her immune system. It was time to experiment with nature. After some intense research, trial and error with various supplements, vitamins, and therapies, we realized that there are bad, good, and excellent supplements out there. After trial and error, spending time and money, we eventually found the best supplements out there. After extensive research, we found that we could trust supplements from manufactures such as Life Extension, Gaia Herbs and Amandean Collagen Peptides.

After three years of supplementing to aid my wife’s deficiencies, weak immune system and getting rid of toxins, my wife’s long and agonizing journey with Fibromyalgia has taken a new path of pain relief, joy, happiness, and success. Over a short period of time her pain levels had reduced substantially with a massive reduction in inflammation in her muscles. Her fatigue and brain fog is almost non-existent, and her sleep has improved substantially. Because Fibromyalgia and supplement deficiencies cannot be cured, it is important to find a natural balance using the best supplements that nature can offer. We have realized that many people in South Africa suffer with similar conditions with no hope in sight. We feel for these people and we want to say to them that there is hope in sight, and we are Best Supplements believe we can help these people in finding their path to healing.